Unrivalled eloquence

Ok, I’m officially obsessed with this kid. This is the cutest thing I’ve watched in like, forever. Linda, Linda, honey, listen, listen to me. Adorbs. Him and his little hands and little feet. This kid will grow up to be one impressive lawyer. Or debater. Or both. I dunno. He’s just cute.


What has the world come to?

So I watched this video today. It is a program that was telecast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. A joint investigation by Four Corners and The Australian newspaper reveals evidence that shows that the army is targeting Palestinian boys for arrest and detention. It reveals very disturbing truths about the episodes that have become everyday events in the war zone that is Palestine. This includes arresting children in the middle of the night, ruthlessly questioning them and then forcing a confession out of them for things they claim to have never done.

Words can’t describe how sad and tearful this made me. Whatever religious and political differences there may be between the Palestinians and Israelis, it seems to me that things have been taken too far this time. Children are not ‘weapons of fear’. They can’t be used and accused simply because you feel the war slipping away from you. Wake up, people. What happened to the humanity and world peace we all seem so eager to spread? I feel sick to my stomach sitting here everyday, thinking about the children and families dying not just in Palestine, but everywhere. And do you know what the worst thing is? There’s nothing I can do about it: not yet anyway.This feeling of helplessness just kills me and yet I am able to do nothing

Watching this video made me realise one thing, if nothing else. It made me see what a wicked and unjust place this world can be. It’s easy to just sit back and say, “Well, no one ever said life was fair,” but we’re not the ones dying. We’re not the ones losing our families and siblings and children. We’re the ones who just complain, watch videos and then make useless comments like I am doing now. We’re the ones who fight about and for things that don’t matter at all and forget about the really important things in this world like, justice and peace and human life. We are wasted as a race, and it makes me sick.

It seems like I’m repeating this phrase too many times these days, but it’s true: this world has become a sad, sad place.

Nafisa Anvar.

Understanding the ridiculous

schoolI want to be a doctor. My friend wants to be a fashion designer. My other friend wants to own a line of hotels.

At school, I study Maths, Science, Humanities, English, Literature and Health. So do my friends.

These subjects are somehow going to get me into medicine, my friend into fashion designing and my other friend into hotel management. Because somehow, we’re all going to need to use Pythagoras’ theorem and know how the plate tectonics under the Earth move in our respective futures.

Sometimes, this confuses me. Just a little bit. Continue reading


Well, now you know.

Now this, this makes sense. Gone are the days of harassing the poor Maths teachers with perfectly sensible questions like this, because now we know. There’s still so much more we don’t know about history and what really went down in the past. Stuff about the world’s history that people don’t really discuss, or just leave out. Really exciting to learn new, random facts like this, isn’t it?

Nafisa Anvar.



Ok, so first of all, hi. I missed WordPress.

Second of all, I am REALLY sorry to anyone who still bothers/hopes for my blog. I know it’s been ages, but honestly, I’ve been so busy it’s not even funny. I’m in Year 10 now, see! It’s all so much more different to last year and so that’s why I’m here like this still trying to manage my time better.

So. Really sorry that I’ve missed all these blogging days past, and I really hope to start blogging more often. Not everyday, but still, often. I’ve missed the feeling of talking to no one, but everyone, at the same time. It’s just nice, you know.

Anyway. Back to work.

Nafisa Anvar.


Are you ready?

Blank pages

I hope that all of you find what you’re looking for in the coming year. Now is the time to start over, and change ourselves for the best. The time to live our hopes, try new things and do what we never had the chance to do in the years that have passed. Tomorrow is when we will stop procrastinating, and start acting. We will set our pasts right, and make our futures better. It’s the chance to begin again, and up our gamesWhat could be better than that?

We can write a whole new book and make it into whatever we want. What story will YOUR story be about in the New Year?

Here comes 2014, everyone! Are you ready to restart the game?

Nafisa Anvar