This blog.



I really have no idea why I’m doing this. Must be fun, I thought, and here I am. Well, I suppose it is fun, but like, I don’t really have a purpose or a niche market I’m trying to reach. I’m just an ordinary girl, nothing big (not yet at least (wink, wink)), and I’m just trying to put my writing skills to good use, instead of just leaving them to rot. So basically, I’m just posting images, videos, anything that interests me and my amateur wisdom for the world to see and be entertained with. Anything I like. And things hopefully that you’ll like too.

Want to know who I am? Click on my about.me link on the sidebar, look me up on about.me or go to about.me/nafisa.anvar.

In hindsight, does anyone even read blogs these days, or has everyone else except me moved on to things like Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and whatnot. Did I somehow miss the memo?

LOL (thank God for this beautiful three-letter word that can fill any awkward silence – yes, even awkwardness when reading).

Okay, I’ll stop talking/writing now. Bye. Enjoy my blog. 😀

Nafisa Anvar.


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